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Art, Apparel, Design!


Art & Apparel

Digital Design

D&G Mixed Media Art and Design, LLC's mission is to provide exceptional, innovative mixed-media design services and offer entrepreneurial mentorship to help over 500 clients achieve their desired outcomes by September (Our Anniversary).

We are committed to empowering and educating our community through mentorship. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality customized products that exceed expectations while fostering solid relationships with our clients.

We Want to Work With You!

Specializing in customized urban apparel for Moms and Kids, D&G is dedicated to bringing you high-quality customized products that exceed expectations and fit your unique style.

Our artists work exclusively with acrylic, chalk, tempera, and digital art mediums (including website design) to create your custom design.

We are happy to create a custom piece using mixed media or feel free to select from our inventory.

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