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Lakeland Chamber New Business 101, ONLINE!

Updated: Feb 16

How this Course helped me start my Minority Owned Business

Navigating the Path to Entrepreneurship: My Journey with New Business 101

As a budding minority entrepreneur, I vividly remember the excitement and apprehension I felt when launching my business nearly two years ago. While I was brimming with ideas and passion, I also realized the daunting challenges that lay ahead. During this pivotal moment, I stumbled upon New Business 101, a transformative program offered by the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, designed specifically for individuals like me who were stepping into entrepreneurship or navigating the initial years of business ownership.

New Business 101 2024 Offered Online
New Business 101 2024 Offered Online

New Business 101 is not just another run-of-the-mill business start-up course; it's a comprehensive journey crafted to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage business owners with the essential tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. This four-week workshop serves as a beacon of guidance for individuals seeking to refine their business plans and gain insights from seasoned industry experts.

The curriculum of New Business 101 is meticulously curated to cover various topics crucial for entrepreneurial success. From fine-tuning business plans to mastering marketing strategies, the program delves into the intricacies of small business banking, loan options, branding, and beyond. Each session is thoughtfully designed to provide participants with practical insights and actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately within their ventures.

My Personal Journey with New Business 101

Reflecting on my own experience, I can attest to the profound impact that New Business 101 has had on my entrepreneurial journey. The course provided invaluable knowledge and connected me with a network of knowledgeable experts within our community. The insights gained from industry veterans during sessions on business planning, marketing, and branding were instrumental in shaping the trajectory of my business.

Furthermore, the opportunity to interact with organizations like Prospera USA and Tampa Bay Black Business Investor Corporation provided me with invaluable resources and support tailored to my unique entrepreneurial aspirations. Additionally, delving into topics such as human resources, DISC Profiles assessment, city permits, licensing, and small business development centers further enriched my understanding of the multifaceted nature of business operations.

Lakeland Chamber of Commerce
New Business 101 2024 Offered Online

As my New Business 101 program graduation ended, I was equipped with newfound confidence and a robust network of industry professionals. Armed with a refined business plan, strategic marketing insights, and a deeper understanding of key operational aspects, I can navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with clarity and conviction.

For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey or seeking to fortify their business acumen, New Business 101 is undoubtedly a game-changer. The opportunity to learn from industry experts, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and gain access to invaluable resources is an investment in one's entrepreneurial success that cannot be overstated.

In essence, New Business 101 transcends the realm of traditional business courses by offering a transformative experience that empowers individuals to not only dream but also to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. As I reflect on my journey thus far, I am immensely grateful for the guidance and support provided by this remarkable program. With the knowledge gained and the connections forged, I am confident in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape and turning my vision into reality.

If you're ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey or take your business to new heights, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seize the opportunity presented by New Business 101. Investing in yourself and your business will yield dividends beyond measure.

Enrollment is still open, so don't hesitate to register now and embark on a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial success!

Visit the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce for this online course and more opportunities for business owners here!


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