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Form Lakeland, Fl to New Haven, Ct: A Profound Encounter with Basquiat: Art, Emotion, and Inspiration

I had the profound privilege of standing before a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting for the first time in person. Despite watching countless documentaries and reading extensively about Basquiat, nothing prepared me for the overwhelming emotion I felt standing face-to-face with his creation. The raw energy, vibrant colors, and profound messages came to life in a way that genuinely moved me, bringing me to tears.

Basquiat’s work has always inspired me, but today, it touched me in a way I’ll never forget. I hope my sons will consider Basquiat’s incredible journey and work as they continue their paths in art and exploration.


This experience took place in New Haven, Connecticut. I traveled from Lakeland Linder International Airport, which made this artistic pilgrimage possible. On the third flight, I enjoyed everything the city, rich with arts and culture, had to offer. It was refreshing, from the Caribbean and Italian festivals to the ease of exploring the city on foot.

I visited Yale University, the Yale Peabody Museum, the Yale Art Gallery, and the Yale Sterling Memorial Library. A highlight was the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, where an exhibition of Frederick Douglass' scrapbook, shared with his nieces, offered a glimpse into history.

This journey was about art and connecting with culture, history, and the vibrant community of New Haven. I am deeply grateful for this experience and look forward to more explorations that continue to enrich and inspire my life.

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