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Portrait of Founder and Partners of D&G Mixed Media Art & Design
Family Own Business- Technicians Mixed Media Art and Design
Family Own Business- Technicians Mixed Media Art and Design

About Us


Meet the artist...


At age five, I noticed my son getting good with freehand drawing.

As a person who has a passion for acrylic and charcoal painting, seeing this reignited my passion for being more intentional about spending time with my sons and allowing them to explore more in a creative art atmosphere. 

My son continued to draw and educate himself using mixed media as he got older. His younger brother picked up the skill shortly after! Now we have a family of artistic painters and designers!

After my son's inquiry about selling his art, the rest is history!


I decided to ensure I continued cultivating my son's gift and skill to set him up for success in an area he has a passion.


Thus the birth of D & G Mixed Media, Art, and Design LLC.


The world of entrepreneurship and business can be intimidating. 

My story starts with my young son, who developed a great skill for drawing. One day he inquired about the opportunity to sell his drawings and I informed him that he absolutely could sell his drawings, but that we would need to legitimize the business.


At that time, I realized my son was serious and I no longer wanted to be a statistic, a victim of my situation as a divorced, single mother with 2 children tackling a full-time job, obtaining a Ph.D., and facing limitations! 

Now, my sons and I are managing partners of a custom apparel and mixed media design business for mothers and sons. Through this business I can teach my sons discipline, money management, networking, customer service and so much more to build our legacy.


I also realized, I not only wanted to build and leave a legacy for my sons, but I also want to encourage other mothers that may have a similar story that desire entrepreneurship.

To learn more about our services and opportunities contact us here! 


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