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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Leads Fellowship Program Cohort 9

Updated: Feb 25

Workforce & Education

Reflecting on my recent journey to Washington, DC, for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Fellowship Leadership Program, I'm struck by the profound intersectionality of policy, reform, education, and workforce development. As a mother of two young boys, a Ph.D. candidate on the cusp of graduation, and a passionate advocate for change, this experience has been transformative.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
BLFP Conference

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In today's landscape, education, and workforce discussions permeate every aspect of policy and reform. They are not isolated silos but rather the very bedrock upon which our communities and small businesses thrive. Investing in education empowers individuals to fulfill their potential, driving economic growth and innovation. By prioritizing workforce development, we ensure our communities have the skills and knowledge to adapt and excel in a rapidly evolving world.

As leaders in our respective fields, it's our responsibility to recognize the interconnectedness of these issues and champion initiatives that benefit not only individuals but also our communities and small businesses. Whether through advocating for equitable access to education, promoting workforce training programs, or supporting policies that foster entrepreneurship, our actions reverberate far beyond the boardroom or the classroom.

By leveraging the resources and insights gained from programs like Business Leads, we can effect meaningful change and create a more inclusive, prosperous future for all.

Thank you all for this opportunity!

Let's continue to drive the conversation forward, recognizing that education and workforce development are not just talking points but essential components of a thriving society.


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